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The full name of this center is "National Chung Cheng University College of Management Global Electronic Business Research Center", referred to as "GEBRC". It aims to centralize the college's human resources to serve society and enterprises, fulfill the university's social responsibilities, and enhance the college's international academic status. History of the Center is as follows. In 2001, Professor Eldon Y. Li founded the International Consortium for Electronic Business (see http://icebnet.org/) in Hong Kong during the first International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB), and then returned to Taiwan in 2003 to join Yuan Ze University and established this center at the University's Department of Information Management. In 2005, the center was transferred to the Department of Management Information Systems at National Chengchi University. Finally, it was transferred to the Department of Information Management at National Chung Cheng University in February 2021. It is a college-level cross-disciplinary research center with an office located in Room 016 of the basement of the College of Management. It holds academic conferences regularly, co-organizes the ICEB International Conference annually, and publishes the internationally renowned Journal of Business and Management to enhance the international academic status of the College.
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