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National Cheng Chung University (CCU) received advertising media services worth tens of millions of NT dollars to boost students’ enrollment rate

In recent years, with the problem of decreasing birth rates, both national and private universities are faced with heavy pressure and challenges on the enrollment rate of students. Under this condition, National Cheng Chung University (CCU) has received an advertising media service for two years with the subsidy of twelve million NT dollars from Taiwan More Media International Incorporation, one of Taiwan’s well-known outdoor advertising experts. The donation ceremony was held on February 16th, 2023. In the near future, CCU will make good use of the media service provided by More Media to not only generate publicity for the school’s image but also prepare CCU to be seen by the public and more young scholars.

During the donation ceremony, the donation agreement was signed by Dr. Zhang-Hua Fong, President of CCU, and Mr. Chao-Wang Lee (李潮旺), chairman of Taiwan More Media International Incorporation. Dr. Zhang-Hua Fong stated, “CCU is a relatively young school with great potential. Despite being located in a remote area, the beauty of our campus is undeniable. Moreover, not only do our teachers dedicate to teach and conduct research studies, our students also live colorful lives and learn with proper attitudes here at CCU.” He also expressed his appreciation to More Media for the help in promoting the school, and to Dr. Eldon Li, professor of CCU Department of Information Management, for facilitating the cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Chao-Wang Lee indicated that he had always maintained a good relationship with Dr. Eldon Li, not to mention being deeply influenced by Dr. Li. He also identifies with the academic atmosphere and teaching staff at CCU. This is the first-ever advertisement donation between the media industry and an educational institution. Therefore, it is highly anticipated for bringing an innovative approach of collaboration, resulting in a win-win situation to help CCU reach new status. Dr. Eldon Li expressed his honor to facilitate the corporate donation between CCU and More Media, as well as to recognize More Media’s evident dedication toward demonstrating social responsibility. He also hopes CCU will continue to shine and recruit more young scholars to become a part of CCU.

More Media is the largest and most diverse outdoor and transit advertising company in Taiwan. Their advertising services can be seen in Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport, Taiwan High Speed Rail Taipei Station, Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (Taipei MRT), Taichung Mass Rapid Transit (TMRT), on buses across 5 major metropolitan areas and in movie theaters. CCU stated, for many years, More Media has continued to assist businesses in various industries and educational institutions in Taiwan, helping them to improve operating efficiency and thrive.

The advertising media service for two years with the subsidy of twelve million NT dollars donated by More Media provides CCU with their exclusive advertising space on TMRT and Taichung buses. This will enable different departments of CCU to decide where or at which specific time periods to display the advertisement according to their needs for student recruitment and promotion of institutional reputation. All advertising expenses incurred will be covered by More Media. CCU authority stated that the relevant application processes are currently being arranged, and all administrative units and academic departments are welcome to make good use of the services.
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